Narshingdhi Satellite

Located 50 km away from Dhaka, and 6 km away from the Dhaka-Sylhet highway, the Narsingdi Satellite was created to ensure the supply of LPG in and around the Narsingdi district as an alternative to natural gas. With a combined storage capacity of nearly 100 MT, it will act as a bottling and distribution facility; when complete, the bottling capacity of the plant will be approximately 2400 cylinder/8 hr. shift, close to 19000 MT per annum.

During and after development, the plant will have the following socio-economic effects:

  • The satellite plant will act as a rapid bottling depot for neighboring areas
  • It will contribute towards providing a stable LPG supply, reducing the use for natural gas in both domestic and industrial sectors
  • It will fulfill the energy demands for surrounding areas and encourage usage of LPG as a reliable and alternative fuel source
  • The project (and plant) will create employment, not just primary but secondary as well, creating hundreds of jobs through linked industries like trading and transportation
  • The plants proximity to the highway will allow rapid and easy deliver to consumers in the area