The primary hub for bottling and distribution for Beximco LPG is the Mongla plant, with a production capacity of almost 100,000 MT/year. The plant is located by the Passur River for easy access to the BexPetro-1 ocean tanker. The jetty is used to transfer imported LPG from the ocean tanker to the storage tanks of the Mongla plant, where Smart Cylinders are bottled and Beximco LPG road tankers are filled, ready to transport to LPG industries and auto gas stations.

The Mongla plant exists for one purpose – to fulfill the country’s energy demands. It provides fuel for the nation for both domestic (cooking oil) and industrial (auto gas and bulk solutions) demands. The plant has a storage capacity of 3000 MT, with an extension for another 3000 MT of storage; this new extension will also provide barge loading facilities, letting us supply the islands in the Bay of Bengal and the rest of the country through the wide river network.