Cylinder Reticulation

Reticulated System is the latest and safest centralized storage (cylinder bank or bulk tank) system for uninterrupted gas supply to end user's point.

BEXIMCO LPG adheres to the highest stands of quality, safety and conforms to all statutory guidelines, while executing any LPG Cylinder Reticulated installation. Armed with technical expertise, experience and professionalism, we offer customized LPG storage solutions including design, installation, set up and commissioning to suit your project needs. Our immaculate planning, timely procurement and delivery (of equipment) as well as perfect execution will make a safe, world-class installation for LPG solutions.

Advantage of Reticulated system:

  •  Uninterrupted Gas Supply
  •  Free from Refill Booking & Reminders for Gas Cylinders
  •  Secured from explosion of Cylinder
  •  No floor damages by Rolling the Cylinders
  •  No more Waiting to receive LPG Cylinder
  •  Valuable Kitchen Space Saved 
  •  100% safer LPG Supplied at very lower pressure to Kitchen/ end user’s point
  •  Saving of Time & Money

Reticulated System with Cylinder Bank:

Cylinder Bank consists of number of cylinders in two manifold, where one manifold is active and another is standby as backup. Once active manifold’s cylinders are empty the Standby manifold will run and empty cylinders will be changed by refill cylinders. If Consumption of vapor flow is maximum, liquid Cylinder will be connected through vaporizer. Reticulated system with Cylinder Bank can provide LPG to Residential Apartment, Housing Society, Ceramic Industries, Food Processing, Manufacturing industries, Dryers, Boilers, Welding sections etc. and high-pressure LP gas required machineries

Reticulated System with Cylinder Bank:

Whenever monthly LPG Consumption exceeds 1000 KG, it is proposed to have bulk storage facility. The bulk storage facility is called Bullets Tank solution. Large scale industries where huge consumption is required are the main users of Bulk storage facility. The sizes of the tanks required are based on the peak consumption of LPG. All the designs of Bulk Storage are as per the standard codes. The storage tanks are equipped with all standard accessories like Rochester gauge, Remote operated valves, Regulators, Excess flow check valves, Gauges, vaporizers, Instruments & controls panel etc.

What we offer:

  •  LPG Storage Solutions – Cylinder Reticulation System for both Liquid Off Take (LOT) and Vapor Off Take
  •  Pipeline design, construction, installation and commissioning
  •  Top quality systems design and engineering
  •  Use of industry-best specifications fully conforming to statutory guidelines
  •  Quick and efficient project execution
  •  Customized design and pre-fabricated Cylinder Reticulation
  •  Safe practices to go with robust safety features
  •  Minimal operation, execution and maintenance costs of installation

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