Beximco Smart Cylinder™

We are offering a revolutionary cylinder with a wide range of benefits keeping consumer needs in mind. The Beximco Smart Cylinder™ is the latest technology in this industry upholding Beximco Petroleum's commitment to innovation.

The Beximco Smart Cylinder™ follows European Standard Design & Specifications, making them one of the most durable & safe cylinders made for public use.

The technology used to produce these seamless composite cylinders is unique. It is a 3-layer composite cylinder comprising glass-fibers and resin to give it unmatched strength and durability.

The manufacturing process is comprised of three main steps:

  • First, an inner liner of polyethylene (HDPE) is blow-molded.
  • Glass fibers and resin are then wound around the liner to create the pressure vessel.
  • To provide even greater strength and bring an element of design to the cylinder, an outer layer in the form of a polyethylene casing is added.

These cylinders offer a number of unique advantages over traditional steel cylinders.